Islay 65   Luxury Self Catering

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  65 Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, Argyll PA42 7BD, Scotland


Good to Go

At Islay65 we have taken necessary steps to ensure that we do not comprimise protection from the Corona Virus for guests and the people in the Islands of Islay & Jura. In this respect we have been accredited with the Industry Standard 'We're Good to Go' awarded by The National Tourist Organisations of Great Britain and Northern ireland. Please see We're Good to Go.

Key Safe Operation


A key-safe is located at the front entrance. This will contain the front and rear door keys to the house. Guests will be advised of the pin code to open the key safe prior to their arrival. On departure guests should lock all doors and deposit the keys in the key-safe. Guests should not interfere with the pin code settings or at any time leave the key-safe open or unlocked or the pin code displayed. To open the key safe the flap should be opened and the pin code entered. The knob should be turned clockwise to open the door. To lock the key safe the door should be shut and the knob turned anti clockwise. A random pin code should then be selected to ensure the knob can not then be opened. The weather flap should then be shut to ensure protection from the elements.

Check Out

On the morning of departure, guests are asked to strip the linen (sheets, pillow cases & duvet covers) from all beds in the bedrooms they have used and to deposit these together with all personal hand & bath towels, kitchen & bathroom hand towels, dish towels and bath/shower mats, in the plastic zipped bags provided. The zips should be closed and if possible all bags deposited in the entrance lobby at the foot of the stairs.


All non-recyclable rubbish, including the contents of the bins in the bedroms and bathrooms, should be bagged in the black bin bags provided, and deposited in the  green general waste wheelie bin located immediately outside the brown wooden gate of the walled garden.


All recyclable material (excluding glass) should be cleaned, and deposited in the blue recycling wheelie bin located immediately outside the brown wooden gate of the walled garden.


All glass (bottles, jars and similar) should be cleaned and deposited in the glass recycling containers located outside the parking area at the rear of the property – exit the black iron gates, turn left onto the Back Road, take the first right after about 40m and the recycling area is 30m ahead.


No rubbish or recyclable material should be left in the house or out-with the bins or containers provided.

Non Paying Guests

We must accentuate the strict requirement that paying guests only are allowed to use the house and walled garden.