Islay 65   Luxury Self Catering

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  65 Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, Argyll PA42 7BD, Scotland


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At Islay65 we have reopened after the COVID-19 lockdown. Prior to opening we have taken necessary steps to ensure that we do not comprimise protection from the virus for guests and the people in the Islands of Islay & Jura. In this respect we have been accredited with the Industry Standard 'We're Good to Go' awarded by The National Tourist Organisations of Great Britain and Northern ireland. Please see We're Good to Go.

Covid-19: Protocols Applicable to Islay65

At Islay65 we have introduced cleaning and disinfecting protocols with related preventative measures to comply with government and industry Covid-19 guidelines, ensuring processes are in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social/physical distancing, and to ensure to the best of our ability the safety of guests and staff in relation to Covid-19.

Covid-19: Isolation


 Guests who, prior to check-in at Islay65, are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or are asymptomatic but have been diagnosed as having  the Corona Virus  or who have  knowingly been in contact with anybody who has or is isolating from the Virus, and should  themselves be in isolation, are not permitted to enter Islay65. They should remain at or immediately return home and go into isolation in accordance with government guidance at

Guests who, after check-in at Islay65, develop symptoms of COVID-19 should comply with the guidelines laid out in

If guests who are isolating can travel home safely to isolate, avoiding the use of public transport, they should do this. If you have been found COVID-19 positive on an island, you will be asked not to use public transport, including ferries, due to the risk of wider transmission to other passengers and crew.

If the self-catering accommodation is the safest place to isolate, and it is possible to stay there, guests should if possible do so there. They would be liable for the costs of an extended stay.

If it is not possible to remain in the self-catering accommodation for the duration of the isolation period, e.g. because the accommodation is booked for future guests, and they can’t find other accommodation themselves with support from friends or family, the guests should discuss this with the NHS.

If any guest, already checked in, has developed acute symptoms, has breathing difficulties, or their life is at potential risk, they should seek medical help immediately by calling NHS 24 on 111, or where appropriate by calling emergency services on  999.  


We regret that we are unable to cancel subsequent bookings or offer free accommodation should a guest develop acute symptoms and/or are unable to return home to isolate. Guests are advised to contact the NHS 24 helpline for advice on 111 and to take out travel insurance to cover such risks. Notwithstanding this, we shall of course provide such assistance as we can.

It is understood that if anyone staying in Islay65 contracts the virus or finds that they should be in isolation, they will immediately inform the Owner John McNeill at 07462 887765 (email

Departing guests should lock all doors and deposit the keys in the key-safe at the entrance.


Covid-19: Cleaning & Sanitizing & Airing Protocols


 A hand sanitizing station is provided in the front door entrance lobby. One of the two sanitizing materials provided is non-alcohol based and the other is alcohol (minimum 70%) based. Guests are requested to sanitize their hands every time they enter the house from the street.


To prevent contamination it is recommended that guests use house shoes when within the house and leave their street shoes in the trays provided in the entrance lobby and at the kitchen back door.


General surface cleaners and specialist sanitisers (one food safe and one non food safe) with cloths are provided in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Toilet and bathroom cleaners are provided in the bathrooms. Liquid soap dispensers are provided in the bathrooms, kitchen and main bedroom. The food safe sanitiser should be used for surfaces where food/drinking water shall be (surfaces of toasters, kettles, choppingb boards and similar). The non food safe sanitiser should be used for all other areas.


To minimize cross contamination when cleaning, dedicated colour coded sanitising cloths are provided for each area within the house. The codes are red for the bathrooms, light blue for the kitchen (food safe), dark blue for the kitchen (non food safe), yellow for the utility room and green for all living areas and bedrooms. General cleaning cloths are blue/white (J-cloths). Guests are requested to adhere to the relevant colour codes, to use each cloth only in the area in which it is found and to not use the incorrect cloth in any area.


To protect themselves and our staff from the virus, guests are requested to regularly wash their hands and to keep work surfaces, furniture surfaces, floors, light switches and door handles clean & sanitized throughout their stay. The correct procedure is ‘First Clean then Sanitize’.


To ensure a good rate of air exchange guests are requested to air the house as much as possible by leaving windows open, when in the house at least. The upstairs windows can be left open using a tilt mechanism and these windows can be left open in this position when guests are not in. Downstairs windows to the rear of the house do not open in this fashion and should be closed and locked when guests are not in and on departure. Downstairs windows to the front of the house do not open but have air vents above each window. Vents should be left in the open position.

We shall ensure that the house is kept adequately ventilated when empty.

We request that all used crockery, glasses, cutlery and pots/pans be washed daily in the dish washer. An adequate supply of detergent tablets are provided for this.


Covid-19: Key Safe Operation


A key-safe is located at the front entrance. This will contain the front and rear door keys to the house. Guests will be advised of the pin code to open the key safe prior to their arrival. On departure guests should lock all doors and deposit the keys in the key-safe. Guests should not interfere with the pin code settings or at any time leave the key-safe open or unlocked or the pin code displayed. To open the key safe the flap should be opened and the pin code entered. The knob should be turned clockwise to open the door. To lock the key safe the door should be shut and the knob turned anti clockwise. A random pin code should then be selected to ensure the knob can not then be opened. The weather flap should then be shut to ensure protection from the elements.

Covid-19: Cross Contamination Protocols

It is highly preferred that no physical contact be made between guests and the Housekeeper or Owner. Should guests be staying for an extended period where interim changeovers be required guests should prearrange a day and time and absent themselves from the house for the entire period of the changeover. See also the next paragraph.


On the morning of departure and, where applicable, the morning of interim changeovers, guests are requested to strip the linen (sheets, pillow cases & duvet covers) from all beds in the bedrooms they have used and to deposit these together with all personal hand & bath towels, kitchen & bathroom hand towels, dish towels and bath/shower mats, in the plastic zipped bags provided. The zips should be closed and all bags deposited in the entrance lobby at the foot of the stairs.


All non-recyclable rubbish, including the contents of the bins in the bedroms and bathrooms, should be bagged in the black bin bags provided, and deposited in the  green general waste wheelie bin located immediately outside the brown wooden gate of the walled garden.


All recyclable material (excluding glass) should be cleaned, and deposited in the blue recycling wheelie bin located immediately outside the brown wooden gate of the walled garden.


All glass (bottles, jars and similar) should be cleaned and deposited in the glass recycling containers located outside the parking area at the rear of the property – exit the black iron gates, turn left onto the Back Road, take the first right after about 40m and the recycling area is 30m ahead.


No rubbish or recyclable material should be left in the house or out-with the bins or containers provided.

Covid-19: Preventative Measures

Prior to arrival we shall provide guests with essential information via email, including helpful numbers and contacts, local walks and attractions, appliance instructions and central heating control instructions. The bulk of this information is normally left in the house in the form of books and folders but shall necessarily be removed in line with our Covid-19 protocols.

To protect guests and our staff we must accentuate the strict requirement that paying guests only are allowed to enter and use the house and walled garden. Non paying guests are strictly prohibited from entering or using any of the facilities. Non compliance will result in immediate eviction.

Covid-19: Risk Management


We point out that our sole goal is to manage and minimize any risks related to possible spread of the virus and we must accentuate that compliance with our COVID-19 Protocols is mandatory for all guests. 

Guests are therefore subject to a minimum £100 penalty if non-compliant, in addition to any resulting costs.